i know what youre thinking. “really? another day n night remix? really?” well, this one is way better than any other one youve ever heard, thanks to san frans own party ben. that is, of course, unless youve heard this one before. in that case, it will be probably just as good as the best one youve ever heard. this post is also in honor of tonights kid cudi show in ann arbor, that i decided a week ago i wanted to go to and was sold out. i searched the web for a press contact, but my efforts were fruitless. so this is all i got, but its pretty sweet. especially if you love funky disco beats.

i believe this is actually more of a mashup than a true “remix”, but thats getting a little techincal for what we are all about here. the other half of the mashup is “shame” by evelyn “champagne” king. the best part is definitely when the saxomophone kicks in. im actually looking forward to busting this one out at the next party, which hopefully will be a roller disco party.

kid cudi – day n night (party ben remix)

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5 comments to “kid cudi – day n night (party ben remix)”

  1. Lindsay says:

    Hahaha Roller disco beats! Whatever happened to roller disco parties? I would be down for that. I’m looking into it.


    chris Reply:

    my cousin had one a year ago for his birthday at a roller rink after hours, so i know it can be done. the rink even allowed them to bring in their own food and booze


  2. Mike says:

    A roller disco party sounds fantastic.


  3. Logarhythmik says:

    Man I’ve been rockin’ this one for a while now. So much better than that crookers crap I’ve become so sick of. Bring back the funk!


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