Let’s talk music, as I’ve been known to do on this web address. We already know that I’m a big fan of Delphic and that they are one of my most anticipated live acts at this years Coachella festivus for the rest of us, and that I’m pretty sure Pitchfork was smoking something funny when reviewing their album. But let’s talk about something else now, namely how “Doubt” isn’t my favorite track on the album. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely like it, but it’s just not a favorite. But then I heard this remix thanks to our friend Michelle over at Music is my Sunshine and now it may potentially move its way up the list, at least in this iteration brought to us by Build. I’m usually prone to anything that’s based upon heavy synth, but in this case, it just works so perfectly to bring the track down a few notches into a place where I think it just works a little better. I feel like I would really like this one late in the night when the party has died out and there are just a few people left not going to sleep just for the sake of it.

Delphic – Doubt (Build Remix)

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