How bout some ambient Australian electronic tunes today? I recently caught this track by accident and at first thought it was kind of too abstract for me, but then it got really pretty. Really, really pretty. It’s from Tantrums which, much to my surprise, was actually made up of two chicas, Jade McInally and Sarah Phelan. It’s just that typically this sort of electronic music is made by men, so it was pretty cool/refreshing to see some ladies jumping into the game. You can get this and a ton of other tracks (whose weirdness or lack thereof I can’t speak to) on the New Weird Australia Volume 4 compilation. Could New Weird Australia be the Australian counterpart to Ann Arbor’s Ghostly International? Based solely on this song, I would say yes. Make sure you wait to get to the pretty parts if you are feeling a little adventurous.

Tantrums – Beat the Happy Pavement

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