I recently recruited my good friend Jon Alexander to put together a mixtape for the site. His musical IQ is pretty high and I gave him free reign to pretty much do whatever he wanted. What I got back was a nice retrospective look into the world of electronic music and the experience of electronic music in Detroit. Here’s what Jon had to say about the mix:

When Chris asked me to curate a mixtape for Dailybeatz, there was not a moment of hesitation. I had to create an electronic and techno mix. From my first moment as a naive teenager stepping into a huge, old brick warehouse in Detroit and gazing through the translucence, bass levels rattling the floorboards and house beats thumping in my ears, I dreamed of recreating this sensational feeling of euphoria. It felt like emerging from a sensory cocoon as I wandered in a fugue, following the trails of light and sound to their respective sources. There was a substantial cadre of DJs spinning. I knew only one of them – Green Velvet. And he was playing late. Really late.

In putting this together, I wanted to evoke that feeling of spending an entire night out – what it felt like for me to hop in the car with three of my friends, throw on a cd, and drive to god knows where in the city. Sometimes the sun would be rising on the drive back, the entire lot of us exhausted, stinking of smoke and sweat, silent except for wistful expressions of rapture and lassitude. I included both the old and the new, with some significant Detroit representation. The final quarter of the mix ends with a decidedly old school flavor, closing with one of my favorite electronic tracks of all time – elder statesmen Orbital’s early-90s classic “Belfast.” I had one hour to try and encapsulate what most DJs would spend four to six hours doing. But I had an absolute blast doing it, and I hope you dig it.

As usual, we’ve provided the download 2 ways. You can download the zip file below which includes the individual tracks and front/back cover art, OR you can click on the download button in the soundcloud player below to download the whole mix as one continuous track. Of course the continuous track is more likely to give you the full effect of the mix, but the choice is up to you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. And we hope to hear more mixtapes from Jon in the future as well.

Download separate track zip file

or click the down arrow below to download one continuous mp3 (recommended)

dailybeatz.com Presents: One Night All Day Long Mixtape by dailybeatz

dailybeatz.com presents: One Night All Day Long

1. Jahcoozi – Ali McBills (Robert Johnson 6am X-Ray Halo Rework)
2. Richard Davis – Sometime
3. Michael Mayer – Amanda
4. Tensnake – Around the House
5. Elektrochemie – Mucky Star
6. Faze Action – In The Trees (Unreleased Carl Craig Remix)
7. Moodyman – It’s 2 Late 4 U & Me
8. Spencer Parker – Yogoto
9. DJ Dan – That Phone Track
10. Green Velvet – Answering Machine
11. Peace Division – Back 2 Back
12. Eday – Party To The Music (Rene Amesz Remix)
13. Deadmau5 – Jaded (Original Mix)
14. Booka Shade – Regenerate
15. Kites – Ultraviolet (Purple Haze’s Fantasy Flite Part One)
16. Omar S – The Maker
17. Omar S – Oasis 13 1/2
18. Derrick May – Salsa Life
19. Cybotron – Clear
20. Joey Beltram – Energy Flash
21. The Orb – A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld
22. Orbital – Belfast (Original Version)

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4 comments to “[Mixtape] One Night All Day Long”

  1. sfc says:

    i’m on track 6. this is making my office sound MUCH more exciting than it really is. thanks for brightening up monday morning.


  2. sfc says:

    alright, i’ve finished it and it was great! there were many high points; i loved the booka shade track.


  3. Hockboi says:

    boner jamz


  4. alexandra says:

    wow wow and wow. super groovy.


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