In continuing with a recent trend of posting songs that in some way reference something related to warm weather as we work our way through an exceptionally cold start to our winter in Michigan, we thought it would be nice to share this disco funky remix from Tim Fuchs and Miami Horror. If you recall from when we brought you the impossible to ignore “Holidays”, Miami Horror is way more upbeat and fun than their name might imply (they are not, in fact, a hip death metal band) and I’m not pretty sure how many members are in this band since a quick image search returns anywhere from 1 to 5 members. At any rate, Tim Fuchs swooped right in and took this somewhat sultry song and spun it into a web of subtle disco goodness. But if you wanted to take this somewhat sultry song in the other direction, well, Tim Fuchs has got you covered there as well with the Tim Fuchs Make Out Remix, which sounds like exactly what you think it sounds like, somewhat sultrier than the original (sultrier is a funny word). Special thanks to Too Many Sebastians, from whom I blatantly swiped these two fantastic mixes of an already great song.

Miami Horror – I Look To You (Tim Fuchs Remix)

Miami Horror – I Look To You (Tim Fuchs Make Out Remix)

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