Here’s a pretty fantastic instrumental track from CIVIL CIVIC and Bad Panda Records, a record label that sends out free tracks at least once a week, usually bordering on the more experimental side of things, that just celebrated their one year anniversary. CIVIL CIVIC is an Aussie duo now living in London made up of one bass player, one guitar player, and a box of drum noises. Another group that seems like they would put on one heck of a live show. I do feel like I need to disclaim a bit that when you’re listening to “Lights on a Leash” and feeling a little bit like it may not really be going anywhere, you should probably just keep listening because the song does build and grow into something pretty cool. It also has a pretty cool 80s feeling to it that definitely reminded me of The Cure’s “A Forest”, and that can’t really ever be considered a bad thing. 2010 was definitely the year that I became unafraid of songs without words in them, and if you are still afraid of songs without words, you should probably give them a chance.

CIVIL CIVIC – Lights on a Leash

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One comment to “CIVIL CIVIC – Lights on a Leash”

  1. Kiara says:

    Woah. You’re right. Talk about a left turn! It’s not often that I listen to a track and then Immediately replay it. I’m on my 4th run now. I’m going to buy their 7″. love it, thank you. x


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