Codebreaker is the up and coming electronic duo of Steven Hawley and Sage Schwarm. After touring with just about everyone and their brother over the last few years, the duo is prepping to release their debut album The Space Chase in 2011. But to keep the masses satisfied until then, they’ve recently released the Silver Lining EP, featuring the title track as well as a couple of remixes. This track is pretty cool to me because it kind of takes on a few different styles all in one 6 minute jam. It starts out pretty straightforward electronic but then takes a turn more towards the experimental/interdimensional side of things and becomes something almost totally different before returning back to it’s core, this time with a more pronounced piano. And of course there’s a little italo-disco flavor jumping in now and then too. No better way to grab my attention if you ask me. After listening to this song, which will also appear on their debut album, The Space Chase seems to be a perfectly appropriate album title.

Codebreaker – Silver Lining

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