Hey everybody, it’s Wednesday, which means your regularly scheduled programming is being interrupted by yet another excellent edition of Hypem Hunting, the weekly segment where we search for a random word on The Hype Machine and find a bunch of really cool tunes that we’ve never heard before and bring them all to you in an easy to digest blog post format. As I will be departing on my long awaited journey to Coachella tomorrow, this week’s segment is Coachella themed. And on that note, the word this week (as you may have read already) is SUN. Because one of the best parts about Coachella is that chances are pretty strong that there’s going to be a hell of a lot of sunshine. I’m hoping that this week’s tunes will get a little bit weird, kind of like when you’ve been out in the sun for a little too long and you start to feel a little dizzy. But hopefully these tunes will not induce nausea. Let’s get to it.

Up first is a previously unreleased tune from Chromatics. It seems that it’s a tune that didn’t make the cut as part of their 2007 album Night Drives, which has recently been remastered and released as a deluxe edition including this fantastic, excellent, awesome tune. I’m not that familiar with Chromatics by any stretch of the imagine, but this song was most definitely a wonderful introduction that leaves me wanting more. And the faux crackling of vinyl is a great touch.

Chromatics – Circled Sun
[via Avant-Avant]

Next up is a slower tune from Sun Glitters, the newest moniker of Luxembourg’s Victor Ferreira. He’s apparently released lots of tunes in the past as Sug(r)cane but his first release as Sun Glitters is the 8 track Everything Could Be Fine. Take a listen to “Outside (reprise)” which features a weird vocal sample that totally reminds me of the “vocals” in Radiohead’s “Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors”. And the song title is especially appropriate since I will be outside for the next week, and it finally won’t be 50 degrees.

Sun Glitters – Outside (reprise)
[via Escucharemos]

This next tune from Santa Cruz duo Old Arc definitely falls into that “little bit weird” category that we were looking for today. There are just about a million different styles going on all within one song here, and we love it for that reason. Hazy, dancey and even a couple breakdowns here and there. This one’s from a self-titled EP of theirs so it’s not super new or anything, but it’s new to us.

Old Arc – Chief of Sun
[via Bad Fotography]

And last but most certainly not least, here’s a really pretty acoustic tune from Nigerian Henry Pedro since you put up with all my other much weirder picks. I really can’t find any info on this except that it’s from his Tender Loving LP which appears to have been released round about 1983 (twas a great year indeed), so it also fulfills the “old song” requirement of this segment. It’s got a definite Simon and Garfunkel vibe at certain times but for real, it’s just a great song that I want to listen to again and again. So figured it would be a nice way to close things out this week.

Henry Pedro – Midnight Sun
[via gorilla vs. bear]

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2 comments to “Hypem Hunting vol. 12 – Sun”

  1. Dan says:

    I am really loving your choices. I love the serendipity of HypeMachine, which often doesn’t have what I seek but leads me to new wonderful discoveries.



  2. Robin says:

    sweet! thanks for this 🙂


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