Willing summer a little closer with smooth beats and pristine electro layers of melody, Johan Agebjörn gives a taste of his new album with Casablanca Nights. The Swedish DJ auteur enlists Sally Shapiro on this song along with a cast of thousands (including CFCF, Lake Heartbeat, Fred Ventura and Le Prix) on his disco-tinged LP that sounds like it came from somewhere much more tropical than Scandinavia and the result is a set of tracks that could be the perfect backdrop for a on-demand eighties movie at 3 AM with Kelly LeBrock or lighting up the dancefloor after a night of non-stop dancing last night. Definitely one to look out for and add to the collection without hesitation. Look for it on Paper Bag Records online this month. You can pick up “Casablanca Nights” below or check out the super-chill hazy remix of the first Agebjörn single “Watch The World Go By” as re-imagined by Young Galaxy as well.

Johan Agebjörn – Casablanca Nights

Johan Agebjörn – Watch The World Go By (Young Galaxy Remix)

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