Soft Care – Girls

It was just last night that I found myself wondering when I would get some awesome lo-fi music in 2012. Granted, I’ve been super awful at keeping up with anything this year (well, partially by choice, because I just can’t), but I felt like last year had so much great lo-fi music (a la Puro Instinct, John Maus, etc) and I haven’t found much of that this year. And then I listened to this song that I favorited on Twitter earlier to remind me to listen to it later and it was kinda just what I wanted at this moment in time. It’s the first single from LA’s Devon Geyer aka Soft Care and he’s about to release his first LP Quiet Courage which I think I will be listening to when I can. Check out Soft Care’s tumblr or download the track for free on their Bandcamp page.

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