It’s been a while since we made any sort of a mix. In fact, I think it’s been since way back last summer when we spur of the moment made that Relajado mix for all of your relaxation needs. But then the good folks at asked us to make their May monthly mix tape and we happily obliged. This mix has no theme, and it’s not really a “mix” so much as a playlist. I called it maylybeatz because we are dailybeatz and this is the month of May. I’m extremely creative. And I think most of these songs have been posted already on this site at some point, but since nobody reads it, it might serve as a nice refresher for what you’ve missed out on. Either way, enjoy it’s sort of chill, sort of glitchy vibes and take a ride on some maywaves. Thanks to for asking us to participate and for being generally awesome.

And don’t worry, for anyone who’s asked. There WILL be another annual mix making an appearance later this month, so have no fear!

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2 comments to “[Mixtape] maylybeatz”

  1. Joseph says:

    Hey now, I check the site daily. I’m not nobody. Props on throwing in Camile R. You posted that a while ago. 2001 and 100 $ are definitely my favorites off of Last Limit.


    chris Reply:

    That’s what I like to hear! Nice memory. I feel like Camille R was the most obscure artist on there haha. Thanks for coming back!


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