One of my favorite musical discoveries over the past year or so has definitely been Ireland’s Solar Bears. Besides making fantastic music on their own, the collective Solar Bears Twitter handle posts links to songs quite frequently, and they always end up being the best song I’ve heard that day. So it was really a no brainer for us to ask the duo to put together a mix for us. I told them the mix could go in any direction they wanted, and they responded to me with their Schizadelic Mix, which is exactly what it sounds like. A little bit schizophrenic, a little bit psychedelic,and for me, some great Clockwork Orange old school vibez, but all 100% fantastic and I promise this mix won’t sound like most other mixes you’ve heard as of late, and there’s even a previously unheard track from Regal Safari. Big thanks to John Kowalski from Solar Bears for doing this for us, and after hearing Alpha People and Cosmic Runner off their upcoming second full length album, I know I can’t wait to hear even more of their original tunes. And a huge big ups to our friend Nathaniel for this perfectly appropriate artwork. Check out some more of his fantastic work over here.

Solar Bears (Schizadelic Mix)

Neu – Intro
Regal Safari – Untitled
Tangerine Dream – Charly The Kid
Harmonia – Notre Dame
Jean Claude Vannier – Les Gardes Volent Au Secours Du Roi
Brian Eno and Harold Budd – Not Yet Remembered
George Delerue – L’important C’est D’aimer
The Electric Prunes – Holy Are You
Death in Vegas – XXX

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2 comments to “[Mixtape] Solar Bears – Schizadelic Mix”

  1. Steve Blair says:

    There’s some really nice stuff in this mix. The opening track’s gated synth is awesome. Great find!


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