Oli Chang – Maaam

I’ve been holding off on posting for a while now for a couple of reasons. First off, my computer decided to go batshit to the point where it would randomly type/highlight/delete anything I was typing, even if I was not even touching the computer. I took this as a good excuse to treat myself to a brand new one. Shoutout to Apple store’s 12 months no interest financing. The second reason was because I’m still giddy over the Radiohead post and the fact that I got to shoot them, and I can now die a happy amateur photographer. I just couldn’t bear to see that post move down from it’s coveted number 1 position on the blog. But, enough is enough.

So then I did a quick glance through my inbox (which these days is used more to unsubscribe from emails than to read them) and saw an email from Oli Chang, who I remembered from his wonderful and beautiful Trippple Nippples remix a while back (accompanied by an equally beautiful video), and kinda digging his newest track “Maaam”, one of a few he’s been putting together as his other project, High Highs, is preparing to release their debut album. Also, it’s hot as balls today, and this song seems good for that kind of weather.

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