One of the upcoming releases on the unbelievably consistent Cascine label is the self titled EP from Erika Spring, who you may know better as Erika Forster, who you may know better as one of those girls in Au Revoir Simone. I think the main one. Was there a main one? I guess we’ll never know for sure. The EP is pretty great on it’s own, especially on these nearly unbearably hot summer days. I will never call a day unbearably hot. Because summer is what this music was made for, and as long as I have a pool or a garden hose or a lake, I say bring on that heat. And that’s exactly what the Nashvillian duo of Austin Wilkinson and Elvis Craig bring us with their remix of “Hidden” that is anything but. Right around the one minute mark is when things get pretty serious for a nice stretch there. In honor of the NBA draft today, I’d like to go ahead and guaranSheed that this song will be on the next mix I make, no matter what the theme or occasion.

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