It’s been quite some time since I put together one of these posts, but since I post MAYBE once every other week these days, due to some combination of home ownership, enjoying summer, and a generally blah attitude toward it, I figured a mini-mega post featuring everyone’s favorite internet music blog discovery game might make up for some of it. That’s right, we’re back with a brand new edition of Hype Machine Hunting (formerly known as Hypem Hunting), where I pick a random word, search for it on Hype Machine, and find a bunch of cool songs that I’ve never heard before to share with all of you. You can search to the right to find the first 16 volumes if the spirit moves you, and it should because there are some real hidden gems in those numerous posts.

And since the world is ending via crazy extreme weather of all kinds over the last year or two, including a non-existant winter that I didn’t really miss even though I know it was totally not OK for the circle of life in general, and since it has barely dipped below 90 degrees for a high temp for the past 1-2 months, today’s word is “heat”. Because we haven’t had enough of it lately and we all need a lot more of it in our lives. I bet you were hoping that the word was going to be “air conditioning”, which it was, but there weren’t too many Hype Machine search results for that one, so Heat it is. So let’s take a closer look and listen to some of the rad songs I found. Since I’m trying to go quasi-mp3 free on this site moving forward, I’ve included links to hear all of the songs on the very site that was the namesake for this music blogger game.

First up is a neat little instrumental track from German producer Sven Weisse who goes by the name EWOK FUR. “Vhs Sahara Heat” (and lots of his other tracks) have a pretty solid African influence, and he’s giving away all his tunes over at his Bandcamp page. If you dug this track, check out the rest of his tunes and show him some love over at his Facebook page as well.

Listen to the “Vhs Sahara Heat” on Hype Machine
[via Grufftrade]

Normally, the beauty of these posts is that there I end up with 4 or 5 songs that have nothing to do with each other and represent a crazy wide range of sounds. However, in this case, it just so happened that the first two tracks I found and liked both had some sort of tribal influence. “A.M. Heat” by Young Island is sort of the minimalist version of a tribal chant with the barely there music and is perfectly named because it sounds like it could be the soundtrack to one of those shots in a movie where the sun is rising over the African plainsand the heat waves are rising from the baking ground slightly distorting the larger than life bright red orb that is the sun as the silhouette of a gazelle darts across the screen. Pick up Young Island’s iii EP for whatever price you want.

Listen to “A.M. Heat” on Hype Machine
[via Believe In Sound]

Let’s now take a trip back in time to the wonderful decade that was the 80s courtesy of Japan’s :visited. “Touch Your Heat” features a nostalgic and funky groove that make me long for neon windbreakers and hairspray. Hit up their Bandcamp page for even more tunes inspired by the decade of my birth, which you can even buy on cassette, the official medium of the 80s.

Listen to “Touch Your Heat” on Hype Machine
[via No Modest Bear]

Last but certainly not least is a track from Sweden’s very own Heat And White, because as I’ve mentioned several zillion times over the past several years that this site has been in existence, Sweden (and Scandinavia in general) is by and by my favorite musical region. They just seem to kill it time and time again. And “Sea-Through” is no exception with its lo-fi vocals laid over those recurring notes that fall and rise again with each musical phrase. I’ll most definitely be checking out the rest of the group’s 4-song release on Zeon Light Tapes.

Listen to “Sea-Through” on Hype Machine
[via No Fear of Pop]

And as a very special bonus, a track that I (and probably you) have heard many times already and the song that instantly came to mind when I settled on the word “heat”. Yes, that’s right, I present to you a link to listen to a stream of a song you probably already own because you have such great musical taste. Of course I’m speaking of Little Dragon’s “Brush The Heat”. Dig it on Hype Machine.

When you can complete an entire Hype Machine Hunting post without even clicking onto the second page of search results, you know you’ve picked an amazing word. Until we meet again, which will hopefully be less than two weeks from now….

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