This post should be subtitled, “Or, how I’ve become completely out of touch with the music world.” Surely you’ve noticed that I haven’t been showing my face much around here lately. This is due to some combination of apathy, home ownership, work and general summer merriment. I’ve completely abandoned my inbox and only scan it for any personal messages I might have gotten and I find myself missing blogging less and less but am still keeping this thing around for whenever the spirit moves me. I’m currently de-mp3ing the first several years of this site because I don’t really care enough to continue to pay for the hosting, and I almost exclusively post soundcloud embeds anyway. I’ve been trying to think up some new format that provides maximum impact with minimal posting, but until then you’ll just have to deal with whatever you get, which in most cases will be a whole lot of nothing. Anyway, yeah, I’m kinda over this, but might still put stuff up from time to time.

Before I talk about a song, I’d like to talk about last week’s Beach House show. Instead of writing a longform analysis like I really want to, I will just mention that the dimensional lighting was totally on point, and that when Victoria LeGrand sang “collecting silver coils” during “Silver Soul” (my favorite Beach House song), she belted out the loudest note completely out of the blue and held it for what seemed like an eternity, but was really just the last few seconds of that phrase. I can’t stop thinking about it, and have been scouring the internet daily for another glimpse but all those phone recorders who blocked my view by recording every song in its entirety seem too shy to post their works to youtube. I’ve watched a few other versions of that song live, so I know it’s not “one of those things she does whenever she sings that song.” It felt special and spontaneous, and I loved it. The band also mentioned that in their 500+ shows, their last show at The Crofoot will live in their minds forever because it’s the only time someone has crowdsurfed at a Beach House show. It’s weird how obsessed I am with them as a 29 year old person. But that’s the magic of music, right? Something that elicits these crazy emotions that you can’t explain or control. I’m about to say this. Beach House is my favorite band. And has been for at least a month. I feel like with 4 albums under their belts, I’m allowed to say that. Even though I really only listen to 2 of them regularly.

So anyway. That brings us to this song that I like a lot. It comes to us from everyone’s favorite on stage temper tantrum throwing lo-fi superstar, Ariel Pink (and his Haunted Graffiti). His upcoming album Mature Themes actually sort of sounds like he’s maybe finally matured. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy his previous albums, because I certainly did. But this just seems to be the most polished and least lo-fi of his endeavors. Sure there are still some way out there tunes, but the songs like “Only In My Dreams” have the mother effing catchiest little guitar melodies that you don’t even need the most out of fashion outfit in America and a shitty attitude towards others to enjoy. Pretty weird, right? Hopefully the name of this album is a testament to Pink maturing himself, primarily on stage, just as his music assuredly has. I kind of felt like Before Today was the most accessible Pink album we’d see, but Mature Themes does a pretty good job at debunking that theory.

But for real, I got all excited about this song yesterday only to learn that Pitchfork had BNMed it two weeks ago which means everyone has probably already swooned over it and forgotten about it. This wouldn’t have happened several months ago. But it’s really better this way, because I’ve been finding myself moving slightly away from bzzbnds and getting back to my roots with the artists I first loved before I found out about blahgs and myspace links. Not that there’s anything wrong with bzzbnds because everyone has to start out somewhere. But I am kinda feeling like it’s getting weirder how we go nuts over these bands that have literally one song total (and I am super guilty of this).

And while we’re on the topic of Mr. Pink, let’s talk about this photoset of images from some circus-themed show where he performed a while back. Mr. Erez Avissar, a super cool photographer, took some pretty neat pics of that show, and you should look at them. I clearly borrowed that image for his post, but I wrote a whole paragraph crediting him, so that’s got to count for something, right? I wish I could do double exposure bitch pics with a digital camera, because I would.

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2 comments to “Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Only In My Dreams (and other assorted thoughts)”

  1. Cam says:

    I’ve really noticed your absence…bums me out. But hey. There’s more important things in life. Thanks for all the great tunes.


  2. julie says:

    don’t do this to us……i beggggggg. i have NO OTHER cool-music-one-stop-shop that i love quite as much….. tear. ok. LIVE YOUR LIFE. boo. hoo.


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