What’s up bros? Last night, the wonderful tour bus commune lovefest that is Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros rolled into my neighboring city of Royal Oak for their first trip to the area since that killer show at The Crofoot a few years back. I definitely didn’t give their latest album as many listens as their debut which was one of my faves that year, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t stoked to see them live again so close to home, though at a much bigger venue than last time.

It definitely didn’t hurt that Clap Your Hands Say Yeah would be opening up the show. Surprisingly, I think they were the loudest act I’ve heard in that room. Despite that, it reminded me that I really liked this group and had totally forgotten about them. I even bought their debut on vinyl and took a cheesy picture with them like one of those annoying people who does that. And I listened to it tonight. And it was good.

And Alex Ebert and crew kinda brought the house down with their set that nearly reached 2.5 hours with very little breaks in between. Perhaps it’s the catchiest of folk melodies that all sound like you’ve known them for years, or the 12 person ensemble on stage who must have played 2 or 3 different instruments, or the enthusiastic crowd (those youngsters are good for something at shows, I guess) that was actually even dancing a little, but if you don’t walk out of the doors feeling at least a tiny bit better about the world (if only temporarily), you are probably some sort of emotionless sociopath. They played a great combination of all of the greatest tunes from both albums along with a new song or two and a few misc jams, all seeming to break out into a quick tempoed singalong with each chorus. The loyals who stayed until the bitter end were treated to the customary Alex Ebert sitting in the crowd final song. But man, the kids these days are just so much more obnoxious about it, more concerned with instagramming themselves making a rock and roll face next to him than listening to the song. But anyway, yeah, see them if they come to a town near you.

As promised last time, I tried to make a few animated gifs out of photos from the show because I think it’s lame and funny, so check those out below, along with a lot of pictures in dreadful to photograph red lighting with lots of grainy noise.

And now some less vomit-inducing stills.

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