If there’s one thing I love to do on a Tuesday night, it’s to see Crystal Castles perform just a few miles from my house. When HEALTH is the opener, things get even more interesting. Having a torrid remix history with each other, the two bands took to the stage at the Royal Oak Music Theatre last night for an affair to be remembered. After a photo pass dispute (where I spent 2 of the first 3 HEALTH songs convincing the security guy that it was possible for there to be 2 opening bands at a show), I took a few pictures of HEALTH in the 10 seconds I had left and enjoyed the rest of their distinct noise rock set, including a cover of Pictureplane’s “Goth Star”, from the comforts of the crowd. The saddest part was that I didn’t get to see more of that drummer who so entertained me when I caught them opening for Yeasayer many moons ago. Crystal Castles then took the stage and the venue was turned into an extremely enjoyable near epileptic light and sound experience from outer space. Between the heavy beats and digital blips from Ethan Kath and the energy of Alice Glass (who must have spent just as much time above the crowd as she did on the stage), there was really a little something for everyone. I like these bands a lot, so it’s always fantastic to catch them live so they can remind you that you need to listen to them a lot more than you do. Check out some pictures of some of the madness below.


Crystal Castles

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