December Digest

Hey kids – did you miss me? A lot has happened since we last spoke. I went to Chicago to see/swoon over Tame Impala, the Game of Thrones prophecy that winter is coming has turned into winter is here (along with the painfully short days and wretched dry skin that accompanies it), I essentially stole some more awesome furniture and housewares from craigslist, I took part in a friends up north (west, actually) weekend to make up for the lack of such a summer trip, saw Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs at the mother effin Shelter right here in Detroit, and even ventured to Chicago AGAIN for New Years (because yes, it is now January 3rd, and despite me starting the December Digest in late November, I am only just getting back around to it now) where I partook in a late night Sunday funk dance party and went to the coolest party ever at the home of the lovely Veronica of creamteam fame. Ok, I guess it wasn’t that much, but I’m not that exciting of a person.

Oh, so you don’t care about my boring personal life at all and want to hear music? Ok, fine. Let’s start out with the album that I’ve been gushing over the past month or so, the self-titled debut from Melody’s Echo Chamber. The way the story goes, allegedly, is that Melody, a super classically hot French babe, went to see Tame Impala (are you seeing a trend here?) and instantly knew that frontman Kevin Parker had to produce an album for her. She had the songs, but didn’t know how to make them sound just how she wanted, and once she heard the band, she knew he was the guy to do it. And do it he did. If I were to make a year end album list (which I almost certainly won’t), this album would definitely be on there. This gal sure has a way with arpeggios and the songs sound exactly like these videos look. Here are a few of my favorites. Did I mention that Melody is a total babe? She reminds me of the French version of Elizabeth Hurley or something. I need to marry her. Can someone please introduce us ASAP? You probably already know about this, but if just one person learns about these tunes and loves them, it will all be worth it. This album is just so lush and gorgeous as fuck while maintaining that psychedelic element that only Mr. Parker can create. Totally don’t have an obsessive personality. Not at all.

Ok. Sorry, I’m done now. But, while we’re on the topic of musicians who are total babes with total classic good looks, let’s watch another video. This one is the new track from Chromatics, led by classic babe Ruth Radelet. This song is pretty great and seems to be somewhat of a fuller sound from Chromatics. The music between the verses and choruses are like a warm blanket on my cold winter ears. You can pick up the mp3 at purveyor of most things musically awesome, gorilla vs. bear. And since I started this post over a month ago and just finished it in January, this song is super old now (but no less fantastic)

Another babe that I talked a bit about last month was . Yen Sleep did this remix of Maiden and I kinda like it a lot. The vocals feel a lot deeper than before, and the beat gets some nice housey vibes, too. I like all vibes, but especially vibes like this. So excited for a lot more music from this gal and the abundance of killer remixes that they are likely to inspire.

Here’s a tune that appeared in my Facebook feed recently as posted by my girl Dre (proprietor of Gluttony is the New Black and writer for every other site on Earth). Don’t know for sure but it seems like S.Maharba is a babe, too, based upon the pictures that turned up on a quick image search and it was recommended by a babe, so it fits the bill. Just a super lo-fi, super lovely track. Also FYI, it’s not S. Marhaba as my arab self thought it was at first. I threw in another track below as well cuz these are some sick beats.

Another bloke who oft recommends killer jams is Mr. Kowalski of Solar Bears. We’ve posted Solar Bears tunes a few times and are looking forward to them releasing their next album, hopefully some time in 2013. In the meantime, check out this little number from Clu featuring some wonderful vocals from Gemma Dunlovey. This song really comes together as it progresses. And the outer space supersonic riff that shows up a few times in the background is the icing on the cake.

And finally, since I didn’t listen to that much music this year, I thought I’d just mention some neat albums you might have missed that were rad this year. Like the Fort Romeau album, and the TOPS album and the John Talabot album, and the Peaking Lights album, and the DIIV album, and the Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs album, and the Taragana Pyjarama album. Listen to tracks from all of them below. These aren’t necessarily my favorite songs from each album, just the ones that already existed on Soundcloud (cuz I’m lazy and whatnot). I sure hope your 2013 didn’t start with a nasty cold and a kidney stone like mine did.See you in January! Which is actually right now.

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