Here it is, folks. Our first photos of 2013. In fact, our first photos since mid-October. We’ll blame it on the holidays and the general lack of energy that overtakes life once the weather takes a turn for the worse, in addition to that November/December show slump. We couldn’t be happier to kick off the year with the ever lovely Ellie Goulding, who we’ve been lucky to photograph once before.

I was bummed to miss openers St. Lucia after recommendations from some well-trusted musical resources, especially after I caught their last song and really liked what I heard, but I guess that’s what the internet is for. Ms. Goulding took to the stage in all black with a hooded T, some chunky Dr. Martens, and some shorts that gave just the slightest glimpse of her bum, while sipping on some [iced] tea (how ever so British of her). While much of the crowd could have put me in jail under the wrong circumstances, I was happy to see a bevy of coworkers (past and present) a bit closer to my age also enjoying Goulding’s brand of pop that begs you to move your feet and sing along if you know the words (and boy, did they know the words). She slowed it down a bit in the middle to throw in some of her softer tunes but the energy from Ellie and the long sold out crowd was so thick that you could quite literally barely wade through it, as her light show extended onto the walls and ceiling of the venue. She seems to have hit her full stride this side of the pond and we hope it continues, because we like huge pop stars that seem to be friendly, decent people that are not completely caught up in their own fame as well.

Check out the pics below, as well as this classic Goulding remix by Monsieur Adi, one that Goulding herself said made her cry the first time she heard it. You can check out a few more pics on our Flickr page.

And how about those gams?

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