January Digest

Welcome to another edition of me posting once a month, because it’s just better for everyone this way. This month’s theme is songs recommended via Twitter (maybe I’ve used this one already?). When I’m at work, I read the twitter throughout the day and when people I know with fantastic musical tastes post links to songs, I usually favorite them to listen to later and then forget to do that. Until today. All of the songs posted below have been discovered via Twitter recommendations, complete with the actual tweet thanks to the fancy embed functionality of Twitter.com, because I’m probably the only person who still/always accesses Twitter from Twitter.com. Most of the songs are electronic in nature (obvs) and the people whose tweets are reference are also 99% friends that I’ve met from Twitter but have hung with IRL at least once or twice, which really brings it all together. But enough about me….

Our first track comes to us courtesy of @d_e_v who produces the weekly radio show for Hype Machine and is an all around awesome dude with musical taste that is on point. It’s the Two Inch Punch remix of Jessie Ware’s “If You’re Never Gonna Move” which you probably know as “110%”. It’s confusing when song names change after albums are released, but I’m pretty sure there was some sort of legal reason, and Jessie Ware is a babe so we’ll let it go. I can’t say I love this song more than the original (since that was one of my favorite songs of 2012) but it certainly does it great justice as an alternate take on a great tune.

I knew I liked this song before I even listened to it mostly because my boy Sampha was a part of it. He joins forces with Koreless to produce a really unique track that I’m kind of obsessed with after just one listen. I dug Sampha’s stuff with SBTRKT but have come to find that he can hold it down on his own, too. And of course my girl @itsadredogg gets the assist for this one.

Up next is a sort of IRL double-whammy because I’m friends with some of the Portals kids (and met Jake for like 5 seconds at SXSW last year) and have also hung with Chrome Sparks aka Jeremy a few times. In fact, I kicked off CMJ this year with quite a nasty hangover thanks to that bro. Anyway, here’s a rad newish track of his called “Send The Pain On”. And make sure to hit up the link below to read a bunch of words from Jeremy on how the song came about. This song/Chrome Sparks is good.

This next one comes to us from MØ, one of our unofficial most promising new artists out there, which I declared in my head before her CMJ set even finished. She will be releasing her first single next month and hopefully we’ll get some album details soon because we want to hear more from this gal. Regarding Twitter, you may know Rich as the proprietor of The Line of Best Fit and while we are not yet IRL, we are looking to be housemates for SXSW in a few weeks, so the IRL will abound.

This next one was a song I already dug quite a bit, so when Blackbird Blackbird tweeted it, I was stoked to be able to include it in this all Twitter edition without cheating. Nosaj Thing’s new album Home is pretty rad and I’m kind of obsessed with the voice of Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino. The whole song (sans vocals) kinda sounds like it’s being played in reverse or something. Good tune, good album.

It’s music video time! Indie bros Grizzly Bear (who better be playing a show somewhere in the metro Detroit area this year) released a new video for “Gun-Shy”, one of my favorite songs from their latest album Shields. Well, most of the songs on that album are my favorite song from the album. Anyway, the video is super weird, and I adore the way it was shot. Just watch it. Tweet courtesy of blog bro friends/perennial SXSW housemates from I Guess I’m Floating.

Last but certainly not least, some guy I don’t know tweeted that new Bonobo song “Cirrus”. Perhaps it appeared in my feed as a retweet? Anyway, this song kinda rules, and it was just recently announced that Bonobo is playing a show on my 30th birthday in April (#oldmanwinter) and songs like this make that prospect infinitely more exciting.

Ok, fine. One more. Even though this tweet was technically made in February, it still counts. It’s just this little bro in some country I can’t quite identify covering Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers”. She tweeted it herself and I didn’t think he could pull it off but he kinda nails it and then some. But even more importantly, this now justifies the gratuitous Lykke Li pic at the top of this post. I forgot how much of a Swedish megababe she is and now I’m obsessed with her again. Sorry, Victoria, for at least a few weeks. And the rest of you, until we meet again next month, maybe.

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