March Digest

Even though it’s technically April 2, it still feels like early February in what continues to be the longest winter on record. Can someone please file a frivolous lawsuit against that liar of a groundhog? To further add salt to the wounds of this never ending winter, I’ve recently sunburned the scheisse out of my face and my forehead is currently in the process of molting in the grossest way imagineable. But I guess it’s a great pre-summer reminder not to make such an avoidable mistake again when it really matters.

And how did I get a sunburn, you ask? Well, I returned to the annual South By Southwest Interactive, Music, and Film Conference held in Austin, TX each year since the beginning of time. It’s also referred to as sx. Whichever’s easier. It’s one of those things that’s really fun for a day, and after that I usually kind of just want to go back to my normal life. Incomprehensible amounts of walking, standing, dancing, eating, drankin, otherin’, and I’m just not good at marathon events. I like 1-2 days of extremity followed by another 1-2-3-4 of laying by the pool. Or at least taking like 2-3 hours off per day from the longest concert in the world.

But for real, like I’ve said before, I go strictly for the hangs, since all of my internet friends are there. It’s like a national twitter convention or something, and our circle is so huge that you pretty much always have 2 or 3 or more people you know at any given show you go to, and that’s kinda rad. Just don’t think the body can handle it anymore, though, after legit almost passing out/fainting the last night and missing Solange. Maybe/Probably I’m just a wuss. Anyway, I’ll probs go to CMJ because if you are going crazy, you can just be like, “Oh, I’m in New York. I’ll just relax and go to a museum and buy more trainers and eat a delicious meal or two and pretend CMJ isn’t going on” and then you feel better about it all.

It’s all a bit of a blur, but shoutout to the Motown Lowdown showcase and all the folks who put it on. It was a nice little slice of Detroit in Austin and I got to see so many of the local acts that I hear about all the time but have never seen myself. Shoutouts to Flashclash, Phantasmagoria, Jamaican Queens and Passalacqua (all of whom I caught at the show) and to the free McClure’s Bloody Mary’s, even though they did give me the heartburn of death due to my complete lack of water consumption since arriving in Austin the day before.

Other cool acts I saw were Disclosure (way lived up to the hype), Autre Ne Veut, Beacon (one of the Ghostly artists I have yet to explore), Royal Bangs, and Cashmere Cat, off the top of my head. Cashmere Cat set at Live for the Funk showcase might have been my favorite “vibe” of the week. Slick beats in a packed empty salon/spa with the sun shining bright. Super weird and contradictory, but it totally worked. Check out one of his new remixes which I think may have premiered at that show, as well as the entirety of his latest EP, AND a new track from new faves Beacon. It’s some slick stuff.

Since I’m still exhausted from the aforementioned days and days of standing weeks later, and haven’t paid attention to any other music this month, that’s a wrap for March. I’ll try harder next time, I promise.

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