Thank you, Edinburgh, for deciding to claim producer DFRNT as your own, and having him give birth to the marvel that is Cut Records, a netlabel founded in September 2011 by the Scottish producer as a sort of cherry-on-the-sundae of his line of work. My body ached with bass poisoned by mediocre dubstep and progressive post-ambient hipster juice the glorious day I stumbled upon Cut and had the happy coincidence of sampling Rain Dog first. It has since been months, and today is the first day I can attempt to verbalize the loss of words that is “Beyond Their Years.” I would be lying if I said the opening spoken sample didn’t make me feel like Sean Astin was about to pump his asthma inhaler and say “Chester Copperpot.” Yet I quickly realized the two seconds that followed it were like a man waiting to take a bullet. Two silent inhalations before the nuclear bomb implosion of the first bass drop. As the track’s bass missiles progress, the body continues to numb its limbs out to utter magic. Rather than incinerate our tired, un-impressed ears, the bass turns our blood into a sort of tar-like thick river, and the soft, supple piano riff eases itself in like a local anesthetic. We are physically rewinding as we play this piece, “Return to Innocence” music video style. The little-known Rain Dog tears complicated bass and harmony to shreds and strips it of any element that’s too elaborate to be organic. Once life gives you breath after those 4 minutes and 16 seconds, bask in the glory of downloading Rain Dog’s EP, and EVERYTHING on Cut Records, absolutely free. Make sure to look into DFRNT’s music and written work too. In the end, I guess I have to re-thank Edinburgh for giving me my faith in life back, period.

Editor’s note: Thanks to our guest poster Christine, clearly far better with words than I, for this post

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