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ah, to be in 7th grade again. actually, i would really want to be in 7th grade because thats in that weird 10-13 year old age group where just about every kid is super awkward. its also just young enough that you cant ever do anything fun. but one thing that was good about 7th grade was the emergence of mid-90s alternative rock. what wasnt to love about it? while my tastes have certainly changed since then, there are still a few tracks i keep going back to. and yes, i ended a sentence with a preposition, deal with it.

todays track, mighty kc by now defunct gainesville natives for squirrels, is exactly what the title says – my favorite song in 7th grade. i seriously remember listening to this song over and over and over, which is weird. its kind of weird that i even ever got this album because i heard the song a few times on 89x and never caught the band or title but somehow managed to figure it out on my own. that must have been right around the time that the internet became pretty popular though. pretty sure i had an aol account at that time and that i would waste away hours talking to classmates at night about absolutely nothing because we were silly 7th graders with no real problems or concerns, except who was dating who, which translates to who says they were dating who, since thats really all dating was back then.

i also have a vivid memory of us listening to the radio in class one day – im not sure why we were allowed to listen to the radio this particular day – and this song coming on, and someone talking about how one of the band members died in a car accident. turns out it was actually two band members and their manager, so theres also a pretty sad story associated with this group. after a little research, whats especially creepy is that this track was written about the death of kurt cobain (which i didnt know until just now, but it makes sense given the title of the song), so there are many allusions to death and the afterlife. the track and album were set to be released on october 3 of 1995, and the accident that claimed 3 members of the for squirrels family took place just under a month before the release date. kind of gives this understated song a whole new unintended meaning and is almost like a tribute to the deceased band members, written well before their untimely deaths.

ps. i promise to be much less of a downer tomorrow. but on a happier note, its friday bitches.

for squirrels – mighty kc

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