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Remember when we posted Korallreven‘s “The Truest Faith” way back when? Well, Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjäder have another great track under their belts, this time it’s “Honey Mine” with vocals by none other than Victoria Bergsman of Taken By Trees. Her soft and flowing voice is pretty much perfect over a Korallreven backdrop. But instead of letting the track loose on its own, the duo has released it as essentially the opening track of a short but wonderfully hazy mixtape entitled A Dream which you can listen to and download below. You can preorder the “Honey Mine” 7″ single right here or you can listen to the track all by its lonesome below (thanks to Last Gas Station for the soundcloud).

Here’s the full tracklist of the 22 minute mixtape:

[mixtape] Korallreven – A Dream

1. Somei Satoh – Organics / Inkuyo – Wipala
2. Korallreven & Taken By Trees – Honey Mine
3. Justin Bieber – U Smile (Shamanti’s 800 % Slower Version)
4. Inkuyo – Wipala
5. Cola Boy – 7 Ways to Love
6. Taken By Trees – No Letting Go (Korallreven’s Life’s a Bitch Version)
7. JJ – My Way
8. Primal Scream – Higher Than the Sun (American Spring Remix)
9. Justin Bieber – U Smile (Shamanti’s 800 % Slower Version / Julianna
Barwick – Bode
10. Memoryhouse – Lately (Teengirl Fantasy Natural Mix)
11. Walls – Burnt Sienna / Vashti Bunyan – Just Another Diamond Day
12. French Montana & Curren$y – So High
13. SALEM – Frost (Korallreven’s Indian Summer Version)


As you hopefully recall, last month, we put together our first ever mixtape entitled A Blogwave Summer which was curated by 20 of our favorite music blogs, each contributing a track of their own and mixed together by none other than myself. Well, I had so much fun putting that together that I decided to do it again with a bunch of tracks of my choosing. There wasn’t really a theme at the onset, it was just a lot of mostly high energy (and, for the most part, extremely bright) tracks that I love, most of which I hadn’t heard until I started this site last May. When I gave it a listen this past weekend on a 4-hour solo drive up to Traverse City, I decided it made pretty great driving music, especially on a sunny day, and thus, Summer Drive was born.

I could have also very well called this mix dailybeatz 101, because for someone who doesn’t visit the site regularly, it’s a fantastic representation of exactly the type of music that we love here. In fact, most of these songs have been posted on this site at one point or another, so you may have heard many of them here already, but I must say there’s something to be said for the way that juxtaposition can really change the feel of a song.

Special thanks to CrystalSister whose picture I used for the mixtape artwork.

Just like last time, you can right click/save as the zip file below which includes the mix split into individual tracks as well as front and back covers. Or, you can download the full mix from the soundcloud player below (this is what I recommend as you are sure not to encounter any split second gaps between tracks which really hurt the flow) and you can save the front and back artwork from this post. Either way, I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and please please PLEASE let me know what you think. I apologize for naming every mixtape “summer” something, but it’s what I love, and what the music sounds like for me. Check out the track list below.

Summer Drive mixtape (individual files)

Here’s a sample track from the mix that’s become one of my favorites the last few days. It’s the beautiful, flowing “We Ah Wi” by Javelin, which sounds like a breezy summer afternoon.

Javelin – We Ah Wi

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